Mughal Raja Tray


The early 16th century and 18th century were remarked by the Mughal rule, extending from Bengal in the east to Kabul and Sindh in the west, Kashmir in the north to the Kaveri basin in the south. The power and prestige of the “Mughal Raja” is our inspiration.

  1. Shape – Square
  2. Width – 11 Inches
  3. Height – 11 Inches
  4. Material – Wood
  5. Care Instruction – Cleaning with dry or damp cloth


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“Mughal Raja” tray is a part of our mughal mirror collection. “Mughal Mirrari”, defines a mirror to Mughal India ! The collection takes inspiration from the Mughal forts, palaces and paintings. The majestic prints adds a fable to the rudimentary household collection.

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